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Why should I sign up for a course?
As your voice teacher, I want to be able to offer you more personalized and detailed instruction based on your personal goals. The course structure will provide a scaffolding from which you and I can build your year upon and monitor your progress, helping you become the singer and performer that you strive to be.
What is included in my on-campus lesson?(KISD ONLY)
On-campus lessons include Basic Classical, Commercial or Broadway vocal technique, All-state and Solo and Ensemble prep, Choir repertoire help, Musical prep and help, automatic invoices, and one song for the end-of year recital. These lessons are billed monthly, with the amount depending upon how many lessons are scheduled.
Can I take these courses on-campus?
Courses are available to my private students only, so you can take them at my home studio in Klein or online. 
How are the courses different than what you offer on campus?
These courses help to make all of my skills, knowledge, and experience available to you, the student (and parent). I know much more than just how to sing; I know how to write and analyze music, how to prepare effectively for All-State, how to audition, how to study and learn a role, how to prepare a monologue, and much more. Each course curriculum helps me to know what you want to learn and keep track of your progress.
Which genres of music can you teach?
I can teach almost any style of singing, inluding classical, Broadway, pop, indie, beginning jazz, blues and more. 
Will I still be able to take lessons if I choose to do hourly/ drop-in lessons?
Yes, but at a higher price per lesson than in the past.
What if the offered courses do not fit all of my needs?
Custom courses are available for students who want to add to or subtract from the existing courses. They may also build an entirely different curriculum for themselves. I also offer services “a la carte” for single-session coachings, such as audition preparation and recordings. 
How will this affect my monthly bill?
By signing up for a comprehensive course, your monthly commitment will be streamlined, with the same amount due every month. No extra fees, math or calculations needed. 
Something in my invoice isn't right. What do I do?
First, feel free to check your account through the portal. If you still aren't sure something is right, please email me 
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