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How do you know which path to choose?  For those hoping to be a professional singer or music educator, I offer strategic packages which include extensive audition preparation, construction of a personalized university and conservatory list, as well as private instructor pairing in order to find the best match for the prospective student. 

Find your match.

Congratulations!  Knowing that you want to study music in college at this stage in your life puts you LIGHT YEARS ahead of others and way ahead of the game.  Studying to become a professional musician or a music educator is one of the most fulfilling career paths that one could choose.  Having been a performing artist and teacher myself for over a decade, I have seen

first -hand how rewarding it can be to share the love of music with an individual or with an entire audience from both sides of the stage.

Whether you hope to pursue an undergraduate degree as a music major, or if you are finishing your undergraduate studies and are looking for a Masters Program, Performer Diploma, or Artist Diploma as the next step in your music education, making sure that you are surrounded in your most ideal learning environment allows for greater success.  No matter if it is a large state university, a small private university, or at a music conservatory - each institution of higher learning offers a unique set of qualities for the aspiring musician.  

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Ms. Blankenship was an incredible voice teacher! In my two years of study she turned me from someone reluctant to sing Happy Birthday at their first lesson to someone who auditioned and was admitted to a BFA Musical Theatre program. Without Ms. Blankenship’s expertise and advice I would not be the singer or the man I am today. 


- Luke S., former student and Musical Theater Major

The application and audition process for music schools can be a confusing, stressful, and expensive process.  Choosing the right school can set you up for a lifetime of success or a very frustrating music educational experience.  From understanding about the variety of performing opportunities offered for undergraduates vs. graduate students, recognizing the benefits/challenges of the different ensembles each school has to offer, to exploring which voice teacher may best suit you, let my experience and knowledge help you find the right path and assist in making your best match. 

​Once your preferred college, university, or conservatory list has been narrowed down, make certain that you are leaving no stone un-turned by allowing me to help with the rest of the process.  I offer complete audition preparation with one-on-one private coachings to help select the most competitive audition repertoire, work on presentation skills, aural/rhythmic test preparation, and attire selection.  All of this will culminate in a live mock audition with feedback from a panel.  In addition, I collaborate with wonderfully acoustic spaces and accomplished pianists to create audio/video pre-screening materials for each client. 

For those of you who have already decided the school(s) where you would like to audition, I offer all of my services à la carte.  My priority is to see you and your family through this tedious and intimidating process by simplifying and walking you through each step so that by your audition day, you are confident and ready to perform at your best.



- Initial Consultation (60 minutes)         
          - Vocal assessment
          - Assess direction of student (performance vs. music education)
          - Understand student's goals, dreams, and career aspirations
          - Share personal journey
​          - Lay out services offered

- Build strategic list of schools which meets student's criteria 
          - Geography (in-state or out-of-state)
          - Talent level / ability of student
          - Student's academic record / class rank / GPA / test scores
          - State Universities vs. Private Schools vs. Music Conservatories
          - Private voice instructor pairing / Choral conductor mentors
          - 3 private consultations - Compiling and pinpointing list of schools

- Audition preparation
          - Repertoire selection (3 contrasting pieces)
          - Presentation / Interpretation
​          - Aural/rhythmic test preparation
          - Attire selection 
          - Mock audition with feedback - fee includes pianist and venue
          - Maximum of 8 private coaching for new students

- Pre-screening audition audio & video recording session (90 minutes) 
        - Includes private 60 minute coaching on pre-screening repertoire  
         - Recording equipment provided to create .mp4 files (1080p video and high quality audio)
         - Includes pianist and venue
         - Includes finishing touch edits

Comprehensive package includes all of the above. Existing students enrolled in the Classical Singer, Broadway Performer, and Double Threat courses are eligible for discounted rates.

​* Additional consulting hours outside of service package will be billed @ $70/hr
​** Payment options available

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